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Tom… your Loki is showing x


Oh, Thor! ;_;


Oh, Thor! ;_;


Steve doesn’t understand that reference


Steve doesn’t understand that reference

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Jan: I’m sorry, Hank.  I’m so sorry.  For being so mean, for the way I treat you.  For everything.  
Hank: Wow…are you sure you’re not an alien?  I take it we didn’t blow up.
Jan laughs and hugs Hank.
Jan: Hey, right before you passed, you were going to say something really important.  Go ahead. 
Hank: What.  Oh.  Oh, I, uh, no, I was just, um, no it wasn’t…
Carol: Guuuys?  Why is the ceiling so low? 

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I swear if one more adult asks me what I’m going to do with the rest of my life I’m going to fly into the sun

calm down, Icarus

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What is happening here…

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Thor and Loki’s home nicknames


Thor and Loki have a good relationship that is not lacking of good old brotherly banter. Previous to Thor’s coronation, Thor calls Loki “cow” because of his helmet. Since Thor’s helmet has feathers, Loki calls him hen or simply clucks at him when he sees him.

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They’ve always been there, folding themselves around the curl of your neck, your wrists, your ribs.

Hush now- can you hear them? 

Tony’s fingers tapping binary over your hips, his mouth pressing a warm, wicked smile against yours.

Steve’s lips at your ear, whispering down your throat and into your veins and setting them alight.

Natasha’s tongue sliding around your fingers, curling them into fists.

They are in your bones, they are fighting, tooth and nail, and they grin at your bloodied hands around the thick slip of a knife.

They are there, always- leaning against your doorframe with empty hands.

Thor, saluting with two fingers. Clint, with his razor-grin cutting slices off of your skin. Bruce, slotting his teeth into place. Loki, wrapping his legs around your waist and dipping his fingers down, down, down.

They are your downward spiral. They are your ruin, your chaos, and they will rebuild you from broken bits of old bodies. They are your downfall, your destruction from the inside-out.

They are smoke- breathe them in.

lickedy-crick, crickedy snap. we are the beasties curled in your lap.

snicker-snick, slick-slide, slam. we are the jagged and we are the damned.


Ant-Man’s Big Christmas


Ant-Man’s Big Christmas